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From the 1st of September 2009, New South Wales (NSW) implemented the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work (the National Code). As a result, national unit of competency "CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry" replaced old General Construction Induction training.


In the construction industry, people work in a dynamic environment. Hazards and risks change frequently on a site as construction work progresses and as workers move from project to project. A large majority of the industry's workforce is employed by sub-contractors who undertake work on many different sites managed by different contractors, and often within different sectors of the industry.


All states and territories have agreed to implement "National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work" which has been declared by Safe Work Australia.


The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (1996) have changed to reflect the national approach to construction induction training endorsed by industry Australia wide.


All current South Australian Green Cards will be recognised in SA. As each Green Card expires, holders will be required to undertake additional training to satisfy Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work and obtain new White Card.


The Northern Territory Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work (the Code) commenced as an approved Code of Practice in the Northern Territory on 31 October 2009.


All Australian States and Territories are moving towards a uniform national approach to occupational health and safety. As part of this process, on the 19 August 2009, a National Code of Practice - Induction for Construction Work was approved for use in Tasmania.


From 1 October 2009, the Work Safety Act 2008 protects the health, safety and wellbeing of residents at work in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This Act replaces the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989.

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